Enchanted Farmstead


So the time has come to begin the next step of our journey. Be sure to follow my blog updates.


What I am doing on our little plot of 4.5 acres? Everything, well almost everything. The plans are to have a large garden, livestock, and just about anything else you can imagine a farm would have. Why Enchanted Farmstead? Well the definition of enchanted is “made to feel delightfully pleased or charmed”. We are going to making this the most charming little farmstead ever. Farmstead is more or less the combination of the words farm and homestead.

I have a five year plan we are designing right now to create a life that I don’t need a vacation from. I want this to be the place that my children always feel they can comeback to. Well, if they ever leave, some days that is questionable but they are young yet so we will see where their lives go from here. I also want to take our time in building this farmstead. I don’t want to rush any part of the design, layout, purchases, building, etc. I normally jump in feet first and that hasn’t always worked out so well. Though I don’t consider anything a failure if you take away knowledge.

Do I want to make a living from this little plot of land? It would be awesome if it happened. Realistically I want the farm to give us a steady food supply, enjoyment, and a healthy lifestyle. As time goes on we will add products for sale with the idea of supporting the farm itself not to line my pockets.

I will chronicle the journey and as always I will include the good, the bad, and the ugly. Life on a farm isn’t always pleasant but you can have an enchanted life living on one.


Light, Love, and Peace

Tammy ~SSM~